Wanna be a favourite?

Hey, so something really exciting is coming - and (I think) I'm calling it The Spark; but hey, the name is by the by - point is it's your chance to subscribe to something new and exciting, sounds good right? IT IS. I'm starting a newsletter....not the beige kind that you never EVER read (sorry beige, but you're just not me) no no no, I mean the electric neon fluorescent kind that drop into your inbox on a Friday morning and make your day better, shinier, more FriYAY! The sort that give you a spring in your step, get you excited, the kind that give you random promos as a treat on a down day, a tip for your home when you're feeling uninspired, a life hack when you're short on time, a DIY 'how to' video that you desperately need to leave work to try - all that sort of shizzle. You won't regret it; you trust me to make something that you set fire to in your own cosy home, so trusting me to deliver interesting, unboring, candle related greatness, into your inbox is a breeze - thinking is timawasting - sign up below.

Still not convinced? (tough crowd).

Did I mention discount codes? Them too. You'll be the first to hear about new creations AND be the first to be able to buy them - before Joe Public - because, when you're in you're in - then we're bessies, full on favouritism will be stowed upon you. Wait....there's more too - new scent editions, candle hacks, candle fixes, candle appreciation, tips, tricks, life hacks, design life necessities that you will LOVE....STOP IT STOP IT STOP IIIITTT, WHERE CAN I SIGN UP? Here friend....just here - come on in.

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