Continuing our love for all things design led, our new Cubism pillar candle is hand poured in our Henley-on-Thames workshop out of pure soy wax.  We make these to order which allows you to choose whether your cubism candle is scented with one of our delectable signature scents or is enjoyed au naturel. 


These candles are designed with chic decor in mind and smell beautiful in their unlit form but you are able to burn them which will release the full extent of their aroma (if chosen fragranced).  To help you burn them safely, we handmake a selection of candle stands for you to choose from - these come in natural concrete grey or off-white terrazzo.  These are available as either round or square dishes to help protect your surfaces from any melted wax. For an extra style statement, add a bell jar to the round dish to make your new candle a real centrepiece of design. As always, if you would like a bespoke scent or colour, please pop the details in the notes and we'll do our best to create your vision.


Please follow the candle burning safety advice received with your candle if you do choose to burn them and always keep these candles out of direct sunlight and heat sources. Due to the nature of soy wax, each candle is completely unique and may have some imperfections such as frosting or air pockets, this is normal with natural wax and adds to their charm of being entirely individual. 


Our Cubism pillar candle is 8cm square and weighs approximately 220g. We hand pour these for you in Henley-on-Thames with natural soy wax and center them with a cotton wick.  Inspired by and considerate of our planet. 

'Cubism' Soy Pillar Candle