Handpoured and natural, these 'kindlecone' soy wax firelighters will help you to get your fires roaring this winter. The perfect addition to any open fire, woodburner, firepit or BBQ - these also make a beautifully original gift for open fire lovers and make wonderful house warming presents.  Not only are they functional but they also look and smell wonderful and are the perfect stylish addition when used as an alternative pot pourri display on or around your fireplace.   

Made from nature's finest pinecones and sustainable, vegan soy wax these are handpoured and infused with our signature winter blend of Burnished Orange & Woodsmoked Fir (orange peel, vetiver, clove, bay and pine) the essence of the cosy winter months. 


Instructions for use - nestle one or two in newspaper and kindling and light the cotton wick to get your cosy fire roaring. These can be used in your fire hearth, firepit bowl, grate, and wood burning stove - we recommend laying the firelighters on a bed of paper with a little over the top - that way when the wax starts to melt (just before it burns off) it won't drip onto the base of your woodburner.


SAFETY - Please remember that these are firelighters - not candles.  Never ever leave your firelighter unattended and ensure you follow your woodburning stove's safety instructions for every use. 


Each pack contains 6 firelighters which are contained within a fully biodegradable cellulose bag and tied with natural string - inspired by and in consideration of our planet.

Pinecone Fire Lighters