RENEGADE - one who rejects lawful or conventional behavior. Outlaw, Rebel.  A member of our Mandle range (man candle/masculine scents), Renegade is rich, spiced and complex.  Spontaneous and passionate; this scent opens with energetic notes of orange zest and freesia which are enlivened by warm frankincense, clove and cardamon. Its base notes of tropical rosewood and exquisite sandalwood are enriched with vanilla musk and muddled with patchouli and myrrh; encapsulting all that is alluring in the freedom of the human spirit.  These make the perfect luxurious gift to encourage some quality headspace - becuase boys like candles too.  


Made with natural, eco-friendly soy wax and centred by a pure cotton wick, our candles are poured in small batches to ensure their quality and excellent fragrance throw, both hot and cold; housed in a luxurious matt black glass votive and topped with a white wooden lid, they ship in a natural card packaging – inspired by and considerate of our planet.


The 20cl container is 8.5cm high and 7cm in diameter and holds 135g of natural soy wax, which will burn for approximately 25 hours.

RENEGADE - 20cl Luxury Soy Mandle