Handpoured in our Henley workshop, this sublime Seashell, soy-wax pillar candle is gently tinted to show a muted-neon, orange to pink fade. These springtime edition candles are infused with our new elegant oil mix of Bramble & Berry which is vibrant and fruity. This uplifting scent is made from the perfect blend of fresh, juicy berries, enlivened with a blast of citrus from sweet orange peel and fragrant bergamot flowers. Its creamy base of musk and vanilla offers comforting warmth like the sun on your back, as you stroll through beautiful english hedgerows - brimming with plump, sunripened berries. Perfection.


These candles smell beautiful in their unlit form but we do encourage you to burn them to release the full extent of their aroma (please follow the candle burning safety advice received with your candle.)  For this reason we’ve added some of our candle stand options that you can add to your order below. Choose from a sleek matt black metal stand, a handmade natural concrete dish, or a stylish, handpoured terrazzo dish to help protect your surfaces from any melted wax. For an extra style statement, add a bell jar to either of the last two options to make your new candle a real centrepiece of design.


Please note that your candles should never be left to burn unattended and should be kept out of direct sunlight/heat sources and we recommend never burning a pillar candle for longer than an hour at a time. Please refer to our safety care notes which will accompany your candle, these will allow you to get the most from your aromatic and help to keep you safe. Please also note that each candle is unique, handpoured for you - due to the nature of pure soy wax, they may have some frosting or differences in colour, this is normal with natural wax and adds to their charm of being entirely individual. Should you prefer you candle unscented or without colour, please just add this in the notes and we'll be happy to make it for you.


Each Seashell pillar candle is 6.5cm tall and 9cm wide and is hand made with natural soy wax and centered with a natural cotton wick.

Seashell Soy Pillar Candle - Bramble & Berry in Muted Neon

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