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Beautiful in design - gently sparkled and scented in their own delicately festive fresh 'SNOWFLAKE scent; a delicate blend of blackcurrant, fir, lemon peel, cyclamen, nutmeg, plum, amber & rose - inspired by complex and delicate nature of snowflakes, they are hand poured in sustainable soy wax and offer a burn time of approximately 8 hours. They are packed in a recyclable cardboard gift tube; inspired by and considerate of our planet.


SAFETY - Please note that your candles should never be left to burn unattended and should be kept out of direct sunlight/heat sources and we recommend never burning a pillar candle for longer than an hour at a time. Please refer to our safety care notes which will accompany your candle and are specific to your design, these will allow you to get the most from your aromatic and help to keep you safe.

Snowflake Table Candle

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