Limited Edition for summer 2022 . Each box is filled with 12 handpoured, seasonally scented soy wax melts, beautifully delivered in a hand-embossed presentation box.

Each melt produces 8-10 hours of holiday vibes with signature and limited edition blends including TAN LINES, FRUIT BOMB, LAZY SUNDAY, CAMPFIRE MARSHMALLOW, GETTIN' FIGGY WITH IT, SEA FOAM, PEONY POP and more.


Hand poured in Henley on Thames with sustainably sourced soy wax, each melt is infused with the highest quality fragrance and essential oil blends, home dried botanicals and biodegradable glitter.


• BamBam Rocks wax melts should only be used in appropriate wax melt burners.

• NEVER leave an in-use burner unattended.

• Only use your burner with a 4 hour, unscented tea light, larger candles will allow the burner to get too hot.

• Your melt should give you between 8-10 hours of fragrance but will depend on the environment that it is being melted within. • Do not add any other substances to the burner such as water.

• When you wish to change scents, just light your tea light, leave for 30 - 60 seconds and gently pop the solidified wax dome out which should have melted enough to remove. You can then save this to burn at a later date if scent remains.

• Please ensure you don't overfill your wax burner.

• For best results, always ensure there is no draft in the room you are burning the wax.

• Do not use wipes and/or cleaning chemicals/products to clean the burner or metal or sharp objects to clean out the wax as this may crack or damage you burner (or yourself!)

• Please check packaging for allergen advice contained inside the lid.

• Keep away from pets and children.



All of our products are CLP compliant - this ensures all products are safe and labelled with any allergens. You are always advised to follow the clear instructions on this product. These instructions may not be reiterated on or within your order so please ensure you read the instructions thoroughly to enhance your sagfely while using this product. Loop

Summer Edit - 12 Wax Melt Selection Box