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BamBam Rocks' Signature Winter Blend; this luxurious room spray contains essential oils and premium fragrance mixes to deliver a warming, uplifting blend to emulate our signature fireside experience and is a firm favourite all year round. Aromas of burnished sweet orange are shrouded with warming notes of clove, vetiver and bay to immerse you into the seasonal spirit, while the fresh green scent of the great Pyrenean mountain pine draws out the woody hues from the open fire, encapsulating all that is wondrous in the mountainsat winter time.


A new addition to our range following lots of customer requests.  The relationship between candle, diffuser and room mist is designed to be a beautiful union; the diffuser creates the underlying aroma and ambience of the room, while its candle partner-in-scent adds a relaxing infusion when desired and a spritz of room mist will instantly delivery a scent boost – try your hand at some bespoke scent creation and mix and match our beautiful range for an altogether different aromatic experience.


Room Mist Longevity & Safety Advice - spray around the room as often as needed to freshen up any space. Please remember not to spray directly onto skin, pets, clothes, furnishings open flames or heat sources and spray onto items from at least 15 inches away for an uplifting aromatic experience.

Burnished Orange & Woodsmoked Fir - 100ml Luxury Room Mist

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