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This dual wicked Pucker Up candle is candle decor at its finest; handpoured to order, these juicy lips are made with sustainably sourced soy wax and can be scented in a blend of your choice.  If you'd like a different colour or it is being gifted, it can be sent with a handwritten note - just add the details in the comments of your order.


These candles are designed with eye catching decor in mind and are beautiful in their unlit form - you are able to burn them too which will release the full extent of their aroma but please do read the safety instructions which will accompany your candle and are specific to each design, these will allow you to get the most from your aromatic and help to keep you safe.  These are sustainable soy wax without additives so they are beautifully drippy when burned - burn on a dish large enough to catch the form as it melts - then sit back and enjoy. 


Pucker up is 11.5cm wide, 6.5cm deep and 7cm high.

Pucker Up - Soy Wax Lips Pillar Candle

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